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As Healthcare Financiers, GPA Capital brings you a solid increase in monthly cash flow along with better patient care and better outcomes.

It’s simple. You fax us order forms for six patients (which also highlights the medical necessity). We obtain the preauthorization and schedule the testing day with you.

We pay you $1,000 in fair market rent for using your office. We do the billing and you receive the report by a board-certified radiologist and/or neurologist, depending on the specific report. You schedule and bill your follow up visits earning another $600 to $800.

Available Tests

This testing is used for patients with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, radiating pain, headaches, neck & shoulder pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, myelopathies, neuropathies, skin disturbances, sciatica, sensory loss, muscle weakness, entrapments and paresthesia.

The ordering doctor gets the written report within 72 hours for analysis and treatment of the patient. Thus, it’s seeing the smallest anatomy clearly, making tough diagnoses accurately, and being able to reach critical decisions confidently that makes American Imaging a leader in the healthcare medical diagnostics arena today!

We are approved with the following Insurance Companies:

Aetna Blue Cross
Blue Shield Cigna
Empire Humana
United Worker's Comp
Auto Insurance, and many others.

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