Medical Factoring Explained (Debt Free Funding)

Published on August 25, 2017

Medical Factoring Explained (Debt Free Funding)

High deductibles with increased co-pays are making Working Capital (cash flow) harder to come by. We see this at GPA Capital by the increased number of calls looking for long-term loans. However, many times we are able to help practices with a debt free solution that provides – and even increases – their cash flow.

In the past, Medical Factoring has only been available to hospitals and other large facilities. However, GPA Capital and our investors have created a Factoring Program tailored to small and medium healthcare practices. [1 minute video].

For clarity of the problem and multiple solutions, we dove tailed the summary above with this family physician’s actual case studyNext week we will give you some pointers on how to compete with the “big box” national dental chains moving into your area.

We look forward to serving your capital needs through our wide range available options. Simply complete this short Working Capital Form to get started.

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