GPA firmly believes that healthcare providers, practices and facilities should never borrow any more capital than is necessary. It is therefore vital to convert Perceived Liquidity (dead receivables) into reality as cash flow.

Current Assets

To gain the liquidity you need to sustain and grow, you may choose to have us facilitate either a loan against your accounts receivables or factor them. Either way, the more of your revenue that you can collect in a timely and robust fashion, and the more that you can capture in arrears from your historical billings, the less you will have to borrow – making debt retirement that much more in your reach.

The more efficient and effective your Revenue Cycle Management, the less of your current assets will need to be converted to cash, the less you must borrow – making loan payback much easier.

Specialty Specific

Since “Cash Flow” is the “Life Blood” of any business, the techniques, rules, regulations and practices are different for each specialty. GPA has the expertise you need, no matter what medical specialty. An example would be the large difference between rheumatology and behavioral health.

Just as payors can “claw back” moneys paid to you for an indefinite period, depending on your specialty, we may be able to “batch” a recapture strategy as well.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

On average, medical practices are underpaid approximately 14% to 23% of their gross revenues. When underwriting guidelines have a range tolerance of 15% to 25% on DSCR, this could make a dramatic difference to your capital options.

Revenue Retainage/Recovery

Operational examples are:
  • Under coding or Up coding medical claims
  • Improper usage/non-usage of Modifiers
  • Not meeting medical necessity
  • ABN Policies
  • Payer agreements
  • Improper demographics
  • Improper verification of eligibility and benefits, etc…