Dental Practice Loans

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Dentistry is one of the fastest evolving specialties in the US. That, combined with heavy equipment costs and higher patient responsibility has created a need for GPA Capital’s expertise in finance – as you evolve, we adapt our resources to meet your specific needs. GPA’s innovative financial solutions are built with you, and your industry’s distinct challenges in mind. Get the fast, flexible financing you need to acquire, sustain and grow your business.


From general dentistry to prosthodontics, GPA Capital gears your financial solution to your specific needs, such as:


Capital Products

Your financial options are as varied as there are dental specialties. Capital Sourcing is our specialty, and, as we apply our decades of experience and contacts with state-of- the-art analytics, we develop a unique solution for you. This can range from a straight loan to a combination of construction loan, current asset financing, term loan, working capital, acquisition to revenue enhancements. Dental providers can also reduce the wait-time between service and reimbursements through medical receivable financing.



Understanding your market is critical to your business success. Evaluating your current Sources & Uses of Funds in view of your patient demographics allows us to identify the growth potential of your specific practice. GPA Capital works “hand-in-hand” with you to create a plan and provide the capital for you to achieve the maximum Return-on-Investment and Return-on-Your-Time… all with the least financial risk for you.