Government Guaranteed Lending

One of the best sources for loans is Government Guaranteed.

Myths about Government Loans

Facts on Government Loans


Loan Mechanics

Structuring & Sourcing this capital makes GPA Capital stand out in front. We are well experienced in putting several capital sources together to achieve the desired funding arrangement. In many of our closings we have multiple investors all funding different parts. Local banks can easily fund up to $2,000, 000 which they love because 90% of this qualifies to meet their Reserve Requirement for their regulators. Larger, specialty lenders and pick up the balance with a rate differential with virtually no cap. Overall, when one compares the rates and fees of these credit facilities, they are among the lowest in the market.


Loan Process

GPA Capital has handled government guaranteed loans since the 1970’s. Included are many, many traditional loans. However, no two loans are the same, each with its idiosyncrasies. Nontraditional loans have included campgrounds, marinas, technologies, manufacturing, farm, ranch and exports. All facets of the business, including marketing, growth strategy, variable budgets and management expertise are considered. These loan products are a great facility.