Compliance, Penalties

At GPA Capital, where we provide capital to your business in a multitude of ways, it is paramount that we provide you with the tools and services to enable you to “hang on” to that capital that 1) you already have, and 2) the additional capital that we provide you:

In recent years, as Information Compliance and Credit Compliance have become more stringent. Each state has an Information Protection Act (such as Florida’s § 501.171) which parallels, yet conflicts with HIPAA, FTC, PCI and EMV laws and its implementing regulations. Although, there are ambiguities in each the common element is “breach”.


PCI & EMV Violation

Credit card processing rate can double, Federal Penalties could involve business closure and banishment from accepting charge cards. Moreover, if the merchant is found to be out of compliance he/she can be held personally liable to repay stolen funds.

In a Breach, a Company is held liable for repercussions... small to medium size businesses do not recover.



...can be financial, criminal or both depending on intent, longevity and intensity. The “age old” question of “who is responsible” is the how liability is determined.

Depending on how long you remain in non-compliance, and how much business your company does with the payment processor, fines for non-compliance may look like this with most payment processors and banks:

Month Level 1 Level 2
1 to 3 $10,000 monthly $5,000 monthly
4 to 6 $50,000 monthly $25,000 monthly
7 and on $100,000 monthly $50,000 monthly

GPA Capital Compliance Package

GPA Capital customizes its compliance to handle the above by integrating PCI, DSS, FTC Privacy and Security so that you will not be subject to Financial Loss and/or Criminal Prosecution. Call today (877-247-2776) to avoid receiving a notice as pictured above.