Commercial Loans

GPA Capital and its principals have been funding Commercial Loans since 1975. Given this knowledge, experience and well-seasoned network we are able to source a wide range of innovative and competitive loan solutions tailored to and for business owners. Clients include a wide range of specialties from family practice to chiropractors.

GPA Capital’s unique approach includes a myriad of diverse loan products & funding sources punctuated by our ultimate goal –to get you debt free.

GPA works closely with their clients in preparing the Loan Application Package

This is one of the major differentiators between us and the funding source – they expect you to do this time consuming project before you ever approach them. However, we can use our extensive resources to streamline this process and not only create a budget, but also identify the following:

  1. Amount of funds needed
  2. Identification of financial product(s) required
  3. Funds acquisition method
  4. The options for funding sources
  5. Identification of revenue enhancements customized for the specific practice

As a team, we will look at the following, setting up your confidential borrower profile:

Business Information

  1. Business name and address (please, no PO boxes)
  2. Business phone, fax and tax identification number (TID)
  3. Business email address
  4. Number of employees
  5. Number of years in business
  6. Type of business
  7. Annual revenue/sales
  8. Average checking and savings account balance (average amount of cash on hand)
  9. Type of credit, total amount requested and the primary use for the funds

Personal Information

Needed for all business owners who own 20% or more of the business.

  1. Name and address of primary business owner
  2. Phone and fax
  3. Social Security number
  4. Annual personal income, total personal debts and total nonbusiness personal assets
  5. Number of years as owner of the business and percentage presently owned

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Our team of commercial real estate experts can help provide lending and securitization solutions for a broad-range of asset classes, including:

  1. Acquisition financing
  2. Interim and bridge financing
  3. Mini-perm financing
  4. Permanent financing
  5. Rehabilitation and repositioning
  6. Construction financing
  7. Secured lines of credit
  8. Letters of credit

Some of the differences in the uses of different loan types are:

Business Line of Credit

  1. Increase working capital
  2. Fund investments
  3. Take trade discounts
  4. Improve liquidity
  5. Meet short-term cash needs
  6. Finance receivables and inventory

Business Term Loans

Types Business term loans: secured or unsecured
Purpose Finance a specific one-time need
Expand your business
Increase working capital
Finance furniture, fixtures or equipment
Term Up to 84 months
Collateral and Loan-to-Value Ratio Unsecured: None required
Secured: Savings, marketable securities, furniture, fixtures, equipment car or truck (Advance rate based on type, age and condition of equipment)
Repayment Term Interest and principal generally due monthly on fully-amortizing basis
Rate Option Fixed or variable
Other Fees Loan origination fee
Appraisal fee, if applicable
Filing costs, if applicable

Non-Real Estate Lending

We offer a full line of traditional as well as no n-traditional loans including accounts receivable financing, factoring, leverage buy-ins and buy-outs and many more customized (and creative) solutions.

Loan Underwriting

GPA Capital’s proprietary underwriting takes full advantage of cash flow analysis, variable budgeting and forecast. This gives allowing clients the capital needed for their business needs. These include (but are not limited to) medical practice growth, expansion, acquisition and more. GPA recognizes that, like medical practices, each situation is unique. We take the time to review the best options to meet your specific needs and then do whatever it takes to carry them out.

Sourcing your capital needs

Having the knowledge of current healthcare funders/lenders, what they offer and their requirements is key. GPA, given its years of experience, has a wide range of funding sources and strategic alliances ranging from traditional loan funds to private/venture capital. We take the time to explain all of your options and work aggressively to secure the resources you need. We work closely with different healthcare financial products, including...

  1. Traditional lenders
  2. Non-traditional capital sources
  3. Niche lenders
  4. Equity sources
  5. Revenue enhancements to be leveraged

Each funding source has different preferred borrowers and different paperwork required. As we work with you on the proforma financials, including forecasts for revenue enhancements we use our proprietary underwriting tools to adapt each request to the requirements of the target funder.